Affordable Braces treatment in Singapore options and insurance coverage

Affordable Braces treatment in Singapore options and insurance coverage

Affordable braces treatment in Singapore is accessible through various options and can be further supported by insurance coverage. Here, we outline some of the affordable braces Singapore treatment options and discuss insurance coverage to help you make informed decisions about orthodontic care in Singapore.

Affordable Braces Treatment Options

  1. Government Subsidized Clinics:

The Ministry of Health (MOH) in Singapore operates some dental clinics that offer subsidized orthodontic treatment options, making braces more affordable for eligible patients.

  1. Public Dental Clinics:

Public dental clinics, such as those run by the National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS) and polyclinics, may provide affordable orthodontic services, including braces.

  1. Dental Institutions:

Dental schools and institutions in Singapore offer orthodontic treatment at reduced rates, as supervised students provide the treatment. The quality of care is maintained, but treatment may take longer.

  1. Private Orthodontic Clinics:

Some private orthodontic clinics offer competitive pricing and flexible payment plans to make braces treatment more affordable. It’s advisable to obtain multiple quotes and compare fees.

  1. Dental Tourism:

Some individuals seek affordable braces treatment through dental tourism, traveling to neighboring countries where orthodontic care may be more cost-effective. However, it’s essential to consider travel expenses and follow-up appointments.

Insurance Coverage for Braces Treatment

Orthodontic treatment, including braces, is typically considered a dental procedure and may not be fully covered by standard health insurance plans in Singapore. However, there are some insurance options and considerations:

  1. Dental Insurance Plans:

Some private dental insurance plans in Singapore offer coverage for orthodontic treatment, including braces. These plans may partially or fully cover treatment costs, depending on the policy’s terms and limits.

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  1. Medisave:

Singaporeans and Permanent Residents can use their Medisave accounts to cover part of the cost of orthodontic treatment, provided it is considered medically necessary.

  1. Insurance Riders:

Some health insurance policies allow you to add dental riders or orthodontic riders to your existing coverage. These riders may provide coverage for braces and related treatments.

  1. Corporate Dental Plans:

Some employers in Singapore offer dental benefit plans as part of their employee benefits package. Check with your employer to see if you have access to such benefits.

  1. Government Assistance:

For those facing financial hardship, the Ministry of Health in Singapore provides financial assistance programs that may help cover the cost of necessary orthodontic treatment.

It’s important to carefully review insurance policies, consider any waiting periods or coverage limits, and consult with insurance providers to determine the extent of coverage for braces treatment. Additionally, inquire about any pre-authorization requirements and documentation needed for insurance claims.


Ultimately, affordability and insurance coverage for braces Singapore may vary based on individual circumstances, orthodontic needs, and insurance plans. Exploring multiple options, seeking consultations with orthodontic professionals, and discussing payment plans can help you find an affordable solution that suits your needs and budget.