Things You Need To Know About Car Batteries

Things You Need To Know About Car Batteries

Car batteries also referred to as automotive batteries are large-size rechargeable batteries used in cars through which the car runs. Petrol or diesel or natural gas is used to run the car but all other components in the car run by this rechargeable battery. The car batteries were introduced to the world in the year 1920 but they were non-rechargeable batteries and were very high cost and required recharge through external electrical power. But in 1970 lithium-ion chemical rechargeable batteries were introduced to the car industry 1971. Through this article, the readers and the viewers will learn about the process followed, the period of battery life, and the amount charged for any mobile car battery replacement singapore.

Replacement charge for a car battery

On an average note replacing your car battery in any authorized repair store or any reputed garage in Singapore is S$ 150 to S$ 700 depending on various factors.


The factors that determine the cost of a car battery-

  • Capacity and size of car batteries- this is the main factor for the change in the price of a car battery. Batter size and capacity differ from car to car before being replaced by a new one.
  • Battery standards- there are two types of battery used in car batteries first it is the European standard model referred to as DIN the second one is based on the Japanese International Standard referred to as JIS. The cost of the European standard is more as compared to the Japanese standard.
  • The technology used- choose the batteries that have the latest technology as it will save more money and last longer.
  • Battery type- the chemical used in car batteries differ from brand to brand some of the known car battery chemicals used are lead acid, the oldest and the cheapest product, released in 2010; lithium-ion, absorbent glass mat, and enhanced flooded.

How car batteries are installed?

  • Remove the old battery- mark the location of the positive battery terminals, and the polarity of the positive cable, directions while removing the old one will save you from installing the new battery in a reversed position.
  • Remove the positive and negative power cables.
  • Read the safety and handling precautions- read the instructions carefully as shown in the manual book that has come with the product.
  • Clean the battery area- clean using lubricating oil or spirit to the tray or area where the battery was once placed by using a steel scrub or steel wool.
  • Check whether the new battery is fully charged.
  • Place the battery and check out the positive and negative terminals for the positive and negative cables.

To conclude, the above-mentioned article explains the installation and service charge asked for replacing a car battery.