Among the benefits of such treatments is that the brow hair looks groomed

Among the benefits of such treatments is that the brow hair looks groomed

As someone who likes to keep their eyebrow game strong, this newest eyebrow-shaping innovation is a great alternative to microblading, known as brow lamination. It is a great alternative to microblading too. Those who desire a big, full-brow look like that carried flawlessly by celebrities, as well as one that is low-maintenance, should consider brow lamination, as it would enable them to achieve their goals.

The concept of brow lamination is based on brushing hair into a specific position and then fixing it there rather than adding it. Besides looking groomed and tidy, these types of brow treatments also leave the brow hair looking thicker than before, and they stay in place for so long that the results often last for over a month.

Using a laminating solution to make your eyebrows softer and more flexible is the first step to your process when you brush them right and coat them with it. After leaving the eyebrows for approximately twenty minutes, the solution helps set the shape. After that, a cotton pad is used to wipe off the residue.

A brush will be needed to ensure that your fluffy brows are perfectly aligned and straight. It is up to you whether you want your eyebrow hair to be high, bushy or leaning to one side; uniformity is essential regardless of your choice. Next, another solution is applied to the brows to ‘set’ them and keep them in place.

A brow lamination process involves pulling the hair vertically to create thicker and fuller brows, providing the appearance of new hair growth. The treatment is considered completely non-invasive.