Easy And Affordable Accommodation For Students In Melbourne

Easy And Affordable Accommodation For Students In Melbourne

There is a piece of good news for students living in Melbourne, Australia. That is, there are rental apartment buildings with accommodation spaces for students studying abroad in a new country far from home. TheĀ accommodation for students in melbourne is in the city area, so everything a student needs is available, as many universities are within walking distance. Many cafes and restaurants are nearby for daily food requirements. Many malls and recreational areas such as Flagstaff garden, Queen Victoria Market, and Melbourne central railway station are nearby so that students do not feel lonely on weekends and can travel with friends without worrying about travel expenses.

What other services do these spaces provide?

Many other facilities apart from rooms are provided by the accommodation spaces owners that are:

  • A cinema, game room, dance room, song room, and yoga room are made for entertainment purposes.
  • Communal study rooms and multi-purpose rooms are made for learning and studying purposes.
  • For dining purposes, there are cafes and common kitchens, and dining spaces for the students.
  • The services provided by these spaces are commonly shared laundry rooms, a digital parcel management system, and secured parking spaces for bikes and vehicles.
  • For relaxation purposes, there are sky lounges, open terrace spaces, and open lounges to relax with friends.
  • Other than these facilities, there is 24/7 wi-fi available to the rental students, and card-lock systems are there for security purposes.

With these services, students feel comfortable and relaxed in these spaces and they feel like they are at home.

accommodation for students in melbourne

What are the types of accommodation spaces?

This apartmental building of accommodation spaces has 48 stories with about 888 beds, accommodating 888 students at once, these spaces are best for studying, having fun, and making real bonds with people whom you will cherish for the rest of your life, people from various ethinicities live together here, sharing their culture, ethnicity, and knowledge with others. Also, students from different universities live under one roof, making this world less competitive.

The different types of studio apartments available for these different types of students are many. There is a studio premium for introverted and private people; a studio standard for privacy with kitchens and bathrooms; and studio twin for comfortable living with a roommate and sharing everything with them; and ensuite premium studios for private bed and study room but shared common bathroom and kitchen.

So, these apartment settings are best for students living abroad who want a comfortable life away from their families.