The advantages of mobile homes

The advantages of mobile homes

The main advantages certainly include the lower costs and the possibility of substantial economic savings ranging between significant percentage values, between 25 and 40%  per construction, to which is added an energy saving on the bill equal to a value of 45% and the possibility of obtaining tax deductions in the case of homes located in tourist-accommodation areas

Construction and delivery times are short and usually no longer than three months, the structures, also equipped with an anti-seismic system , are fully guaranteed for maximum thermal and acoustic insulation capacity. Last but not least, there is the pleasure of maximum personalization of the built-up area, an element of further satisfaction for the buyer.

The mobile homes are designed entirely according to personal needs, through the creation of a detailed and preparatory drawing for the realization of the final work, according to the most different preferences regarding the housing model best suited to the individual need.

How much does a mobile home cost?

But how much can the request for the construction of a mobile home cost? Surely you have asked yourself this curious question. The answer is certainly not unique: each company offers individual solutions and quotes based on the specific needs of the customer. We can say that, in principle, there are proposals fixed on a given figure, for example around 99.00 Euros per square meter , for a total of projects starting from figures ranging from a minimum of 5,000.00 Euros up to 30,000 Euros .

Some companies even offer the sale of  used mobile homes from prestigious corporate fleets, full of numerous accessories out of the standard equipment and available  both for camping facilities and for private users.

Mobile homes, like prefabricated wooden houses in general, must be considered as a form of traditional building and as such require specific permits and authorizations. The permit to build, as required in traditional building situations, is therefore also required for the installation  of  prefabricated wooden buildings (generally above 9 square meters) , mobile homes,  campers,  and  caravans , used   as  homes ,  workplaces  or  warehouses . , which do not meet exclusively momentary and temporary needs . Therefore it is necessary to prepare the request to your Municipality with a  qualified technician  .