YSL Shocking Mascara

YSL – Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Shocking
Colour: Deep Black – 1
Price: £22.00

Last month for my birthday I treated myself to the new YSL Shocking mascara and a YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick (not pictured). I’ve been wearing the YSL Shocking mascara for about 4 weeks now and felt it was time to share my opinions about this mascara. I had never tried any of the YSL mascaras before so was slightly unsure as to what to expect especially because I have seen mixed reviews about the previous Faux Cils mascara but I am very pleased with the extreme finished look the mascara gives my eyelashes.
YSL describe the masacara as a “Luxurious mascara that coats lashes instantlly with outrageous volume for a scandalous, seductive look”

At first I did find the mascara to have too much product on the brush which led to me getting it everywhere but after a few applications I was able to gage how much I needed to use. Trust me with this mascara a little amount of product really does go a long way for both eyes.
I do find that the formula for the mascara to be quite thick which makes my brush feel like it is overloaded with product however, the mascara seems to work very well and lives up to the “Shocking” name. 

Before – eyelashes without mascara

After – with 2 coats of mascara

Looking at the before and after picture you can instantly see the dramatic effect the mascara gives my lashes after application and I love how my eyelashes look a lot more longer and thicker when wearing the Shocking mascara. 
I have worn eye liner everyday for as long as I can remember as part of my make up routine but as “shocking” as it seems to me I have managed to go without eye liner some days as the mascara really does bring attention to my eyelashes and I actually don’t feel naked without my eye liner on.
Apart from the mascara being slightly thick the only other downside is the price compared to the normal non designer brands I am used  to. Having said that I don’t think it will stop me from buying it again (A girl needs to treat herself once in a while).


14 Responses

  1. Beautygirl24 says:

    The difference is really good! I have always been tempted by YSL mascara, but the price really is quite a lot. However, one day I will definitely treat myself!

  2. Great review! Your eyelashes look lovely.

  3. Sophie says:

    wow it looks amazing! also, very jealous of your eyebrows! 🙂 x

  4. Marilou says:

    wow! it makes your lashes look realllllyyy good!
    I used the faux cils and I loved it. Definitely a bit pricy but it looks nice to have in your makeup bag too, I love the gold packaging !

  5. Sara.H says:

    Wow! I see great volume. Thanks for sharing. <3

  6. Colon Clenz says:

    nice describe through picture of you title…

  7. Kay Goddess says:

    Great review! I wonder of it would work on my short stubby lashes :-/

  8. The change in your eyes is amazing. Thanks for sharing

  9. Oh damn, your lashes look nice with the mascara application

  10. Laiqah says:

    Wow your lashes look amazing! Def want to try this!

  11. What a difference! looks nice girl

  12. Anonymous says:

    What eyeshadow do you have on? It's pretty!

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