Weekend Beauty Buys

This weekend is a quiet one for me so I am doing nothing but relaxing, cooking and catching up on my beauty routine. Here are a few beauty purchases I made this weekend.
As you can see I LOVE Cocoa Butter especially the Palmer’s make. My mum bought me this stash and she does tend to go overboard when buying beauty products so this will last me a very long time maybe the whole of winter lol.
Montagne Jeunesse – Green Tea Peel Off Mask (I usually get 2 applications from these packs)
Body Shop – Tea Tree Oil (This is one of my must have products for my face)
Sally Hansen – Maximum Growth Cuticle & Nail Treatment
Superdrug – Cuticle Sticks
Revlon Touch Control Mirror from boots £26.99
I’m not to sure about this one yet, the light doesn’t seem bright enough for me.
This was a random purchase but I have an obsession with cupcakes at the moment but I am terrible when it comes to baking. This book stood out to me from the numerous cupcake books at WHSmith because the recipes looked lush but quite simple to make than the others and it was a bargain at £4.99.
I want to try this recipe once I learn how to make the plain basic cupcake lol.


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  1. Marilou says:

    I want to buy the palmer's cocoa butter cream! seems sooooo moisturizing. I heard many great things about it.
    Oh and a great nude that could match your skin tone : Dior "nude chic" and Opi "barefoot in barcelona"
    I own these but they are WAY too dark beige for my skin it looks horrible on me so I gave them to my friend who has kind of the same skin tone as you and it looked SO pretty !!! 🙂

  2. Marilou says:

    I BOUGHT IT 😀 this palmer's cocoa butter cream is the best thing that ever happened to my skin! haha thank you for sharing

  3. Henessy says:

    Glad you like it babe, its so moisturising especially for the winter months x

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