A Warm Welcome to the Logan Square

A Warm Welcome to the Logan Square

There are numerous alternatives available while searching for a place to lease in Logan Square, one of the greatest neighbourhoods in Philadelphia in tenants. Logan Square, one of Philadelphia’s five squares, prompted the name of this area, which is ideally situated. Logan Square flats, which are populated by working professionals, were close to the city’s greatest nightclubs. Let Philadelphia Realty assist help in the quest for just a Logan Square apartments Philadelphia  realtor. Philadelphia Realty has made upwards of 3 billion transactions well throughout its near half-century in Philadelphia and has contacts, expertise, and knowledge customers have to ease any search for a Logan Square apartment or a house pressure. Contact Philadelphia Realty at 215-546-6000 to speak with Nancy Alperin regarding the most recent rental homes in Logan Square, or for sale.

Logan Square Homes Available to Own or Lease

There are several alternatives accessible to you while looking for a rental property in Logan Square. Listed below are a few of the most well-known residences with a variety of opulent features:

The Franklin Towers Apartments in Logan Square

Philadelphia’s Edgewater Logan Apartments

Early 1900 Sterling Bridge

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The Logan Square Apartment’s, Philadelphia Neighbourhood Stats

Logan Square, located in the middle of Philadelphia, is one of Philadelphia’s most sought-after communities, particularly for rentals. In Logan Square, which Niche.com rated as Philadelphia’s sixth-best area for working professionals, there are a plethora of luxurious residences available to rent. Nearly 70% of locals in Logan Square, Philadelphia, lease their homes. Niche has more information about the Logan Square area.

67 percent of residents in the area rent their homes, compared to 33 percentage points who already own them, and the median home price is 454,574. A+ for Nightlife and A in the Overall Niche, Luxury flats in Time Square, located in the middle of the city, offer exceptional connectivity to everything you might need. 96 for walkability and 100 for transportation. Bike Rating 87. They can handle the most difficult elements of purchasing, buying, or renting homes because of the in-depth understanding of the Philadelphia market for real estate and the deft handling of intricate agreements.