Why do people choose to live in serviced apartments when on vacation?

Why do people choose to live in serviced apartments when on vacation?

Serviced apartments do come with housekeeping, guest services, and amenities. They are known to be a home away from home for their guests. You must keep reading to learn more about its services when you stay in a serviced apartment.

Home away from home

Serviced apartments feel like your home away from home, equipped with all the comforts you will find. There is a kitchen, entertainment room, and internet for you to have. They also offer amenities, housekeeping, and fitness facilities. You can also cook your meals and relax on a comfortable sofa, which makes a big difference when traveling for work and staying away from home.

Personalized services

Personalization is the heart of the guest experience, while serviced apartment guests have the privacy they need. Some popular ones have dedicated staff members to help with requests, maintenance, and 24/7 reception.


A traditional hotel has many distractions from guests coming and going to housekeeping, like cleaning your room. It is why serviced apartments are the best choice for anyone looking for privacy. It offers weekly housekeeping, and guests can decide the best time to clean the room.


You must forget the deposits or long processes like credit checks, where booking a serviced apartment is faster and easier. You can book online and arrive anytime. Some apartments need a minimum stay and the ability to extend your stay, which will be subject to availability. It is flexible when your travel plans change, and unexpected things happen. It is why staying in a serviced apartment is quite convenient.

Space and comfort

When you stay in a cramped hotel room, you can miss comforts like a sofa or a relaxing space other than your hotel bed. It would be best if you remained in a serviced apartments singapore short term. These apartments have different spaces inviting guests to relax in a living room or lounge area. It will make a comfortable and welcoming environment.


Hotel costs will add up when you are staying for a long time. There is a serviced apartment in which you can live, and it is an economical choice where it is more than a rental property. The rates will include housekeeping, amenities, and security, which is unexpected when you are in other places.


Serviced apartments give you complete flexibility when you live in a short-term apartment rental. Guests will do laundry, invite business partners or friends, and cook meals other than eating out. A high level of autonomy is best for long-term stays and independent travelers.

Staying in a serviced apartment for the long or short term will give you an alternative to traditional hotels and rental properties. Travelers prefer to stay in a serviced apartment at a reasonable price that is convenient, flexible, and comfortable.