Insulating exterior walls has several benefits

Insulating exterior walls has several benefits

Insulating your external walls has the main benefit of increasing your home’s thermal efficiency, reducing your heating costs by up to 50%, and reducing your carbon footprint. A home with higher thermal efficiency will require less central heating because less heat escapes through the roof and walls, so whatever heat is generated will be retained, and you won’t have to use as much. External wall insulation keeps a property cool and lets heat escape during the summer.

It is best to insulate your home with external wall insulation if your property has solid walls rather than cavity walls. Although internal wall insulation is less expensive than external wall insulation, it disrupts your home’s interior and makes your rooms smaller during installation. External wall insulation is always recommended for buildings with severe heating problems because it provides greater thermal efficiency.

If you install interior wall insulation, you will lose some available floor space because it involves attaching the insulation to the interior walls. You’ll retain this floor space by choosing external wall insulation while still achieving improved thermal efficiency. Cold bridges are areas of a property with a hole in the insulation, which allows warm moist air in the home to pass through, causing cold spots that can cause condensation and mold.

External wall insulation minimizes cold bridges by providing continuous insulation over any weakness in the walls. In addition, external wall insulation protects your property from the elements by improving its weatherproofing. A property can suffer severe structural damage if condensation, dampness, or mold enters, including rot. This damage is expensive to repair. You will often need a lot of preparation before starting any significant home improvement project because it disrupts your home life.

To install internal wall insulation, you will need to remove radiators, plug sockets, and other fixtures from all the rooms you intend to install and then redecorate the walls. On the other hand, insulation on external walls can be installed without causing much disruption. External wall insulation can be installed to change your property’s exterior appearance while increasing its energy efficiency. We offer a range of finishes for the new outer wall, including brick effects, pebble dash, and mineral renders, to allow you to create a new aesthetic or match the existing walls.