The Process Of Selling Your House To A Company

The Process Of Selling Your House To A Company

What if you had a choice between selling your house to a company or going through the process of selling it by yourself using an agent? Go here to read more.

Here is the process of selling your house to a company.

Step 1: Preparation

If you decide to sell your house to a company then it is crucial that you make sure your house meets the requirements. Depending on the rules of the company that you choose, your house will be inspected and evaluated by their housing manager. He will review your house from top to bottom in order to make sure it is suitable for purchasing by a company.

Step 2: Preparation for sign-off of offering letter

Using the inventory number and list of your furnished items (if it’s an unfurnished house), you will need to write up a list of all the things that are included in the sale of your house. You can either contact the realtor you know and ask them to write down all items they see in your house or ask them to take pictures.

Step 3: Offer a bid

After writing up your list and ensuring that everything is present, you will now have to send off your offer. There are some companies that accept only written offers, so if this is the case for you, then checking with your realtor will give you an idea of what type of papers to write.

Step 4: The letter of acceptance

Once you get the letter of acceptance from the company, their personnel will conduct an on-site inspection of the house. Most companies have a system where they will have realtors schedule a closing date for the house.

Step 5: The signing of the documents

This is the stage where you and your realtor will sign all the documents for the house purchase. The only difference between signing the offer letter and signing these other documents is that you will also be signing a non-disclosure agreement at this point. This means that everything you sign on these documents will be confidential and cannot be revealed to any third party even if there is an NDA violation.