The Potential Cost Savings Of Driving An Electric Car

The Potential Cost Savings Of Driving An Electric Car

Electric cars are an increasingly popular and environmentally sustainable mode of transportation. They’re a better option for reducing your impact on the environment than gas-powered cars (they produce zero emissions), you’ll save a significant amount of money each year to help offset the higher upfront cost, and many models have a faster top speed than their gas counterparts, so they can zip around congested city streets with ease.

Here are the potential cost savings of driving an electric car.

Charging Cost Savings

You can potentially save thousands of dollars a year in fuel costs by switching to an electric car. With the average American paying $3.97 a gallon for gas, you can save hundreds of dollars just by driving to work once or twice a week.

Another way to save money with an electric car is by charging it at home instead of using public charging stations. A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University found that the cost to charge an electric car over its lifetime will be less than a comparable gas-powered vehicle, since most people drive fewer than 100 miles daily.

Maintenance Savings

Also, since electric cars for sale in san diego have fewer moving parts, there’s less chance of them breaking down. Since the average car on the road has 170,000 miles on it by the time it’s 10 years old, this could save you thousands of dollars in maintenance expenses over the car’s lifetime. And unlike with a gas-powered vehicle, you won’t have to worry about paying thousands to replace your battery when it dies.

Mileage Savings

Since electric cars have minimal maintenance and are usually cheaper to buy than gas-powered vehicles, you’ll pay less per mile on your electric vehicle than you will in a gas-powered car. There are many models of $20,000-$30,000 luxury electric cars out there that can get up to 230 miles on a single charge, so if you drive 300 miles every week and spend $1 a day on gasoline fuel to do so, that’s over $18.50 a week. At $30,000, that’s over $600 a year in added costs, just in fuel.

Resale Value

If you wait to purchase your electric car until gas prices rise even higher and the cost of an EV falls even more, you’ll have a better opportunity to sell your EV for top dollar since there will be fewer on the road.