Why is Urinator and Synthetic Urine needed?

Why is Urinator and Synthetic Urine needed?

Everyone has doubts that whether it will purify your urine but that’s not true. No, the urinator allows you to simulate peeing. The urine must be from a friend of yours who does not use drugs or must be synthetic.

To know how Much Is best synthetic urine test retained then the answer is until you add water for about a year, once you add water, use it within the day or put it in the fridge for 1-2 days. If they postpone the test put everything in the refrigerator, then reheat everything before putting in the batteries. If they don’t test you within 2 days, throw away the synthetic urine.

Most people hold the Urinator in their pants, between their legs and pull the tube out just before use. Women can keep it in their bras. There are no hook and loop fasteners and you don’t have to take off your clothes to wear them.

The urinator is made for maintaining a temperature, not for heating. Prepare the urine with water at 40 ° C or pre-heat the borrowed urine then once poured into the urinator it will then take about 20 minutes for the urinator to stabilize the temperature and then it will be able to maintain it for 4 hours. Do not start with liquids at a temperature of 20 ° C, you will affect the life of the batteries instead if the liquid is hot the Urinator will simply control the temperature and will not turn on unless necessary.

Because the Urinator is simple and safe and the Synthetic Urine is clean. Keeping liquids at body temperature is not a simple thing and avoiding the boredom of finding clean urine for the 8 days of testing can be worth the cost of the gadget. The urinator is equipped with a thermometer to check the temperature of the liquid.

In many countries accurately control the temperature of the urine sample to find the replacement attempts and now in some, there are not there yet, and in many places, we still do not look as you pee – so everything is relatively easy.