Zara Sales Haul

Last month I indulged in the Zara sales a little bit too much, when the sale went up online at midnight on boxing day I bought like a million items. I then ordered a few times after that in January but to my defence a lot of the items I bought were to update my work wardrobe as it is currently looking quite abysmal.

Here are my favourite picks from my massive haul (I didn’t put all the items):

Red Quilted Bag                          Leopard Print Blouse

Leopard Print Dress                    Peplum Leopard Prink Skirt

Camoflaugue Print Blouse                                 Plum Crepe Peplum top
Denim Shirt                                                    Polka Dot Print Blouse

I hope not to visit Zara for a long while but if I am being honest that never works especially when I get a looksie of their Spring Collection. I really think Zara should a loyalty reward system or something because I am one of their number one customers 😉


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  1. sharon p says:

    Great buys hun,love everytn i have e dot print blouse&leopard print peplum skirt!

  2. Doma-Nikki says:

    Love the leopard print dress and the denim shirt! Great buys 🙂

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