What’s in Your Pocket? – Life’s ‘Little Wins’

I was recently contacted by the MoneySupermarket to take part in the what’s in your pocket? blogger challenge. The concept of the challenge is about enjoying the feeling of life’s ‘little wins’ such as finding a £20 note in the pocket of an old item of clothing. Now who doesn’t love finding money you didn’t know you lost? I know I do. To the extent that I have been known to get excited at finding a £1 coin in the pocket of a coat I haven’t worn for ages (trust me it’s the little things in life that make me happy). So when the MoneySupermarket gave me £20 to spend on whatever made me happy, I was more than excited.
Last week I decided to take my ‘little win’ straight to Zara. I am sure you guys have figured out that I absolutely LOVE Zara and nothing makes me more happier than going to Zara and leaving with new items for my wardrobe and this occasion was no different. I stalk Zara’s website every other day and I had my eye on these shoes for about 2 weeks so I was more than happy to spend my ‘little win’ on them even if I did go over budget by £19.99 (oops!). 
I love the detail on the shoes

I can’t wait to put these babies on for a night out on the town, now I just need to find an outfit to wear them with.


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  1. Maureen says:

    That's a nice gesture for them to do. Yes its an awesome feeling finding even a £1 you didn't know you had.
    Loving the shoes

  2. Marilou says:

    these are soooooo pretty! I wish you would do youtube videos 😀 I would be a very regular visitor!!!

  3. sharon p says:

    Those r fab hun don't blame u for going over budget haha! Can't wait2see how u style them on a night out

  4. hi dear! i just found your blog and i love it! you have great style!!! would you like to follow each other? i ALWAYS follow back

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