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My aunt from California introduced me to the Secret Garden Collection by Victoria’s Secret about five years ago when she gave me a body mist and hand lotion as a gift and I have been addicted to the collection ever since. Every time I go to America I make sure I stock up on a vast range of products from the collection to last me until my next visit however, he last time I went to America was in November so considering the fact that I use these body mists everyday I ended up running out. Luckily a friend went to Miami in May and picked me up two bottles of the body mists which will probably run out very soon too.

My faves are the body mists, eau de toilette and the hand & body creams and the highest price you will pay for a product in the collection is $10 but there is always an offer going on where you can mix & match any 3 for $24 or 5 for $30. Sometimes they even have a promotion where you can get any 7 products for $35 (if I remember correctly).

Body Mists (l-r): Berry Kiss, Pure Seduction, Sweet Surrender

The Secret Garden Collection compromises of the following:

Refreshing Body Mists $9
Eau de Toilette $9.50
Ultra-softening Body Butter $10
Ultra-moisturizing Hand & Body Cream $9.50
Hydrating Body Lotion $9
Exhilarating Body Wash $8.50
Nourishing Bath & Shower Cream $9

The above products come in a variety of scents to choose from with the addition of limited edition scents:

Love Spell
Pure Seduction
Amber Romance
Secret Charm
Lost in Fantasy
Luscious Kisses
Coconut Passion
Berry Kiss
Vanilla Lace
Endless Love
Pear Glacé
Strawberries &Champagne

I havent tried the whole collection yet but I always buy Berry Kiss, Pure Seduction, Vanilla Lace and recently I got Sweet Surrender from the limited edition collection which I love as it smells like cocoa butter to me despite it saying Jojoba butter on the bottle.


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  1. Amandita says:

    Omg my friend was in the states.. and she got me a couple of stuff from VS… oh the garden collection smells so gooooood … I love it… I wanna go to the states… just to buy stuff from MAC and VS =)

  2. Henessy says:

    Me too!! Whenever I go i'm alway at MAC, VS & Sephora to the point where they all know me at the counters.

  3. Dee O. says:

    oh how i love victoria secret products! they all smell so good lol. i work in a shoe store at a mall and vs is right next door so i'm ALWAYS in there spraying stuff on myself or using the lotions so that i can be smelling pretty lol 🙂 great blog!

    feel free to check out my blog:

  4. Jojoluv says:

    I have the same Victoria Secret products….Really nice!!!

  5. Well,for me I agree that the seduction of scent is very important factor when you choose perfume that why I love Victoria's secret so much.


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