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A few weeks ago Groupon had a deal on where you pay £12 for a £30 voucher to spend at The Body Shop, so being the ‘cheapie’ I can be at times I snapped that up quickly. I have been having so many issues with my skin at the moment so I used this voucher as an opportunity to stock up on some tea tree products which I like to use for treating spots/blemishes.

The Body Shop – Tea Tree Toner
The Body Shop – Blemish Fade Night time Lotion
Dr. Organic – Tea Tree Pure Oil
I have quite a large range of tea tree items from The Body Shop that I use regularly but I have never tried the above first two products before so this was a great chance to. I always pick up tea tree oil from The Body Shop but decided to try the Dr Organic one instead from Holland & Barrett. Tea tree oil is a staple facial product of mine and I always put it directly on my spots which helps to reduce them. The Dr Organic tea tree oil is definitely much stronger than the Body Shop version I buy so I only put it where it is required but I prefer it to be stronger. I do find that tea products can be slightly drying to my sensitive skin so I picked a sample of The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream and after only using it for a week I will definitely be going back to purchase the full size product. It is very moisturising to the skin without being too oily and is great when combined with all the tea tree products I am currently using on my skin at night.
The Body Shop – Coconut Body Butter
The Body Shop – Sweet Lemon Body Scrub
I also picked up a body butter and a body scrub with the voucher. I have  never tried these items before but after smelling every scent they had in the range I was instantly drawn to the coconut butter and the lemon scrub. The body butter is moisturising without being to greasy or leaving a residue on the skin with a coconut scent that lasts even after being applied to the skin. The body scrub is also very moisturising and is not too harsh on the skin and the lemon scent is very ‘lemony’ and instantly makes me want to smell the scrub all day long. However, I do find that the scrub is a little greasy for my liking but saying this I have only used it once.


6 Responses

  1. Miss A says:

    I swear by TBS's Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion. It's healed my acne scars and leaves my skin so wonderfully matte – I wake up with shine free, clearer looking skin.

  2. mw says:

    I love the tea tree products from the body shop, and the body butters <3

  3. Henessy says:

    @Miss A – I love that my skin is less shiny when I use it, defo a great product.

    @mw – I practically have the whole tea tree range now from The Body Shop& im just starting to get in to the body butters.


  4. G A B Y says:

    Hmmn the body butter looks yummy x

  5. Jennifer says:

    I have the scrub! love it!

  6. IAmsassychic says:

    Yep got to have the staple Bshop Tea Tree collection. I used to use the facial wash for blemishes and my impossible shiny skin…It really does do what it says it will. I only use the blemish stick in this range now don't want to strip the oils completely. As for body butters they are great been usin em for years. I used to use the Brazil nut but was discontinued so have to stockpile when they come on line…

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