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Products I’m Using at the Moment

Recently I’ve seen a few of these posts where people put up what products they are currently using and I decided to join in as its always nice to know what beauty products other people are using (if you’re nosey like me). Primer: None. Currently using Smashbox & Laura Mercier samples until I make a…
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My Fav Liquid Eyeliners

I previoulsy mentioned in one of my posts that I have been using the Maybelline Liner Express liquid eyeliner for years and would recommend it to anyone who loves liquid eyeliners. I’m not sure whether it is just me and my sensitive skin but everytime I use any other high street brand of liquid eyeliner…
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Stuff I bought last week

This Sunday I went up West to do a little bit of shopping with a friend and her lil cousin but true to fashion we got there so late that we only made it into a few stores before the shops started to close down whilst we were inside. Not naming any names but I cant…
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