Sue Devitt Black Widow Mascara

Back in January I had the opportunity to do a guest review for a Sue Devitt mascara  for the British Beauty Blogger. My review was posted on her blog site alongside a few other guest bloggers who reviewed other mascara brands, here is my review:

Sue Devitt Black Widow Mascara with Orchid Extract.

This mascara is from the Microquatic range which claims to condition and hydrate your lashes with vitamins, pro-vitamins, orchid extract and beeswax whilst Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein, film formers and clay derivatives make them appear fuller, longer and shiny.
At first I wasn’t too sure what all the ingredients meant or the advantages of having them in a mascara but I can definitely say that the ingredients work as my lashes have never felt so soft with mascara on before. After application my lashes felt like they were still moist despite being dry which I loved as it added to the soft feeling even after wearing it for several hours. I found this to be great advantage as my lashes can be brittle and sometimes end up clumping together when applying mascara. However, this did not happen at all; instead my lashes felt hydrated and looked fuller without any clumps.

At first inspection I was quite disappointed at the shape of the brush as it reminded me of a typical classic brush with no ‘extras’ such as a comb, bendy brush or rubber bristles that I have now become used to. However, once I had gotten over the brush shape and took into consideration Sue’s application tips found on her website ( I didn’t have any problems applying the mascara.
As I tend to wear a lot of high street brand mascaras I have noticed that the majority of them usually have a weird smell to them but this was not present with this mascara which may be credited to the natural ingredients used in the formula. I tried the Black Chocolate colour which is dark brown in colour and I was quite unsure of this as I have dark lashes and thought it would not show up on me but after application my lashes actually looked black in colour, maybe not as dark as a jet black colour I would normally go for but dark enough to stand out.

On a negative note I did find that even though the mascara claimed to lengthen lashes my lashes did not look any longer in length after application. Overall I am very pleased with this mascara and would recommend it especially for its conditioning and hydration qualities.

Currently only available at Harvey Nichols £17.50


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