Stuff I bought last week

This Sunday I went up West to do a little bit of shopping with a friend and her lil cousin but true to fashion we got there so late that we only made it into a few stores before the shops started to close down whilst we were inside. Not naming any names but I cant believe Selfridges had the audacity to close whilst I was at the MAC counter. (I guess it was for my own good as I didnt get all the other things I have my eye on)

Here’s what I got:

  • MAC Lipstick – Half n Half
  • Maybelline Liner Express Eyeliner (I luv this and I have been using it everyday for years now)
  • Sleek Lip Tint – Chocolate Kiss (I have no intention of using this for myself due to allergies I have, but thought it would be good to use on other people – I like the smell too)
  • Trapper hat from h&m – Mens Dept (which i’m in luuurvvve with, its sooo warm)
  • A Plain blue basic mens Tee for myself from h&m

    I will be making another shopping trip this week as I didnt get much and I need to finally get off my butt and get some xmas pressies, which I have to admit I hate doing because everything I get for people I always want to keep for myself….I guess it’s a good indicator of how good I am at getting pressies for people?? lol


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