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I bought these brushes from the Sigma website a while back in May. I have this thing where I come across things I really need and buy them and then somehow forget about it straight away, this is exactly what happened with these Sigma Makeup Brushes. Now that I have resurrected them from  their hiding place I really wonder why I didn’t start using them instantly, because they are really good quality brushes.

 I ordered the following brushes (l-r):

F40 Large Angled Contour Brush – $19 F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush – $21
P82 Precision Round Brush – $18 | E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush – $12 | E30 Pencil Brush – $12

All the above brushes came to a total of $73.80 after I applied a 10% discount code and then I paid $22.30 shipping fee, so in total $96.10 which is is approximately £60. Now that is not bad especially when the quality of these Sigma brushes can rival MAC’s brushes which on average cost £25 per brush.

I paid for international delivery and from the date of purchase they took about 10-14 days to arrive  from America which isn’t bad however, the only problem was that I had to pay a £17 duty fee when I went to pick them up from the Post Office. 

My favourites are the F40 and P82 brushes. I currently use the F40 brush with my Guerlain Terracotta bronzer and other contour powders and I like to use the P82 blend concealer under my eyes. Now that I have bought Sigma brushes I will invest in more brushes from the brand because I really like the quality. If you do not already own any Sigma brushes I suggest you check them out, however you may want to try buying them from a UK site such as Love Makeup the prices are not that more expensive than it would be from the US and you wont be lumbered with a Duty Fee to pay when it is delivered.


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  1. Natalie Kay says:

    I just purchased my first Sigma brush, the E40 which has changed my life, really wanna get more of these brushes!

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