Ping Pong Xmas Menu Preview Dinner

Earlier this week I  happened to win a twitter competition by Ping Pong to attend their Preview Dinner for their new Xmas Menu at their St. Paul’s restaurant which entailed endless Dim Sum and free cocktails. Being a Ping Pong (& dim sum virgin) I was unsure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised throughout the night and I am now a Dim Sum convert! 
We learnt how to make dim sum with Ping Pong’s Head Chef and the dim dum chefs and I must say I am quite pleased with our attempt. 

1. Dim sum made by attendees, 2. My attempt at making dim sum, 3. My sister & her dim sum
My favourite’s from the Xmas Menu were the Lobster dumpling and the Mixed Game Puff. (You have to try the Lobster dumpling, it is to die for Mmm)

My sister and I sat the bar for the majority night which was a big mistake as the cocktails kept coming our way but it was definitely not an intentional strategy. I blame my alcohol intake on the fact that the dinner was the night before my birthday so it was an excuse to start my celebrations early.

1. Red Glow Cocktails (Non-alcoholic in the tall glasses), 2. Jelly shots, 3. The orange shot glass was a sample of a mango cocktail & the pink shot glass was a sample of a lychee cocktail, both tasted very nice.

The Red Glow Cocktails which is part of the Xmas Menu was a favourite of mine and I had one in my hand all night. Red Glow is made with – “hints of almond with a sharp edge – cranberry juice, amaretto with single state appleton vx rum topped with lanson black label champagne and cranberries” YUM!!!

Photo booth fun with my sister

I must say that the Ping Pong staff are a very friendly and welcoming bunch from the Managing Director to the bar staff and I will be returning again to try the Xmas menu as well as the normal menu (and to also to get my hands on that red glow cocktail again).


4 Responses

  1. Marilou says:

    It looks SO FRIGGIN DELICIOUS. Mmmmmm I love Dim Sum !
    Looks like you had fun too, I really like your top by the way, suits you well! x

  2. maphi says:

    ooooh my that looks so yummy !!!! xoxo

  3. Annette says:

    Sounds like you and your sister had fun!! Making the dim sum's and tasting the cocktails. I see why you were hanging.. Too much appleton Rum and champagne..tee hee.. :p

    That lobster dumpling. Seem's like something I NEED to try!!

    Love the pics of you and ur sis in the photobooth!!

  4. Henessy says:

    @Marilou – It was delicious!!! Thanks hun, its actually a dress.

    @Annette – We should go one day, I know we keep saying that.

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