Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Range for Ethnic Hair

Last month I had the opportunity to review the new Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Range for the British Beauty Blogger and here is my review:

The Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme shampoo and conditioner duo was made specifically for all types of ethnic and very coarse hair such as afro hair which needs a lot more moisture than usual due to the texture of the hair. Philip Kingsley is a Trichological expert with 55 years experience and have now developed the Moisture Extreme duo based on this expertise. “Ethnic hair types in particular often lack stretchability due to the low moisture content, which to a great extent controls elasticity (dried out hair for example will break more easily). Moisture Extreme was developed to force moisture into the hair shaft to reduce breakage and protect against friction.”

Moisture Extreme Shampoo, £14 – The formula is contains a gentle detergent derived from cocoa butter.

Moisture Extreme Conditioner, £17 – Contains a blend of moisturising ingredients consisting of 4 natural oils Almond, Wheatgerm, Avocado and Babassu which work together to condition the hair from the cortex to the outer layer.

My first thoughts before using the shampoo and conditioner was that there was a lot less product than I am used to for afro hair products however, I did find that once I applied the shampoo to my hair I didn’t need as much. It took me three washes to completely get my hair squeaky clean and I only used small amounts of the shampoo for each wash. I found that my hair felt instantly soft whilst washing and the shampoo had a good lather to it making it easier to wash. After washing I then applied the conditioner quite liberally to my hair making sure every strand got covered and kept it on for approximately 20 minutes for a deep condition. As soon as I rinsed off the conditioner I could immediately feel the difference in my hair, it was a lot softer than it has ever been since I’ve had my hair in its natural state in over a year. I found the blow drying process also a lot easier than normal due to my hair being very soft. I was even told by both my mother and sister that my hair looked and felt very soft.

I can definitely say that since I have stopped processing my hair and now have it in its natural afro state my hair has become a lot drier and I am finding it very difficult to wash and dry. However, with the Moisture Extreme duo I feel that I have found appropriate products to help make my hair more nourished, softer and less dry. I will definitely be using this duo from now on as part of my washing regime and I would also like to try the highly famed Elasticizer Extreme which is a pre-shampoo treatment for ethnic hair.

My only negative about the range is that I would have liked to have had a little more product considering the price.

The range can be purchased from the Philip Kingsley website


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  1. Imo says:

    IM SOLD! I also have natural hair (beneath the weave) and although it is curly when washed when dry it goes into a big afro! lol Im getting this as its everything I need but in one product, great review!

  2. Imo says:

    P.S. where can i buy this?? lol

  3. Henessy says:

    Sorry babe the link is:

    My natural hair under my weave is annoyingly dry which is why I love this range as it was so hard to dry my hair after washing.

    Let meknow how you get on with it if you buy it x

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