O.P.I – Banana Bandanna

Currently I am wearing O.P.I’s Banana Bandanna which despite the name looks like ‘lemon’ yellow shade. I am not too sure about this colour on me which is evident as I have had this polish for over 2 years now and I have never worn it until now.
I have on 2 coats of the polish and a topcoat. I don’t think I will be in a hurry to wear this colour again, it just doesn’t look good on my nails and it does not suit my complexion.


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  1. imani nikkol says:

    I think with another coat maybe you'd like it.
    you can still kinda see your natural nails through the polish. but i would definitely say, its summer so be bold !!!!

    great post !

  2. Henessy says:

    @Imani nikkol – I've tried it with 3 coats too, I didn't like it so I did it again with less coats. If I have to choose I would say I prefer it like this than with another coat.

    I love bold colours but this is not one of them or even bold enough.


  3. Annette says:

    It looks fine on you hun., I got that shade too. It's not suppose to be bold. More like a mellow lemon yellow sorta shade. But I tend to put on 3-4 coats just for it to appear fuller in colour.

    You do need to put in the work. Can get a lil messy thou at times.

  4. Sher says:

    pretty colour,love it

  5. funnily enough my sister was wearing a similar colour yesterday and I quite liked it, it was a lot more mat and I think she had to put on three coats. Guess maybe a different brand would come out with a nicer finish. Unless it more to do with the colour. I quite like it though.

  6. Sassi says:

    wow, that colour is so gorgeous!

  7. VIVIENNE says:

    this is such a lovely color!

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