New Year’s Resolutions 2010

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As the year is slowly drawing to a close I thought i’d share with you guys my New Year’s Resolutions – barring a few personal things. I think the last time I actually took the time out to write one was in my early years at secondary school but being the person I am I never  made it a month into the New Year before breaking them all. Not wanting to follow tradition, I am going to try my best to see it through:
  • Stop hoarding my clothes. I have a ridiculous amount of clothing and I am running out of storage space even with an extra large wardrobe + a medium sized one I still have no space. (Can you imagine I still manage to feel I have nothing to wear…everyday?) I need to accept the fact that if I havent worn it in over 3 yrs I probably will never wear it again. Which leads to my next point…
  • Stop buying unessecary items of clothing, shoes, beauty products (ok maybe not beauty products lol). Even if they are on SALE!!! (It is not considered a baragin when 2 yrs later they still have the tags on and I have resorted to giving them to charity shops brand new) 
  • Start using cash. I really hate having cash on me as I like the convenience of using my card everywhere. Therefore, I never really take into consideration the amount of money I am actually spending as I cannot physically see the money. I am sure if I started using cash for large payments it would take me more than a second to make that decision to purchase.
  • Eat more healthy foods & stop skipping meals. I have a tendancy to sometimes forget to eat (dont ask how) and I only remember/bother to do something about it when I have a raging headache and my stomach starts talking to me but, by then its too late and the damage has already been done. I also have a big weakness for Chinese takeaway food and I could live off it forever but seeing as it is mostly drenched in oil, I think need to slowly give it up.
Looking at this list I think I should have titled it: Confessions of a Shopaholic rather than New Year’s Resolutions 😉 I have kept the list short so that it could be more achievable than having a long list of things I know I will never adhere to. Will let you know how I get on with my resoulutions.


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  1. I can empathise with most of those! Have a great New Year!

  2. nice!!! I never make new years resolutions because I can never keep them LOL! Happy New Year!

    Make sure to check out our Top 10 fixated moments of 2009 post!!

    <3 Ladies of Eternally Fixated

  3. AndreeMarie says:

    Im looking forward to which one you stick to the most! xx

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  5. prashant says:

    looking forward to which one you stick to the most!

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  6. I am with you with all of your New Years Resolutions, my list is so long I doubt it will even fit on one page! Stay tuned for my wardrobe tips which will be coming shortly! We will be helping you get dressed in 2011

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