New Hair Cut

After having my hair in weaves for over a year I decided to go back to my short locks and went for the chop (again) a few weeks ago. Even though my hair had been in a very short pixie cut when I started growing it agian, it had grown quite a lot in a year and I had a lot more hair on my hair than I anticipated.

(My hair after leaving the salon)
My hair inspiration for this cut was Frankie from The Saturday’s, I have always admired her hair since they came on the scene. The main part of the hair style I wanted to re-create was the volume and body in the front section of her hair which I stressed to my hair stylist as my hair tends to go quite flat. She advised me this could be achieved by putting layers all over my hair and I love it!!

(What it looks like now)
I can’t wait for part two of my new hair style which will be the colour. Despite the fact that I am adventourous with my cuts I have never coloured my hair apart from a few Crazy Colour red rinses when I was younger. I have ALWAYS wanted to colour my hair but never had the balls to go through with it and after talking to a friend and also a colour technician my colour has been decided and I will be doing it in a few weeks…..


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  1. emerald says:

    OMG your hair suits you so much, i'm tempted to ask who your hair stylist is! <3

  2. I love it..! it just fits your face very well..! ROCK it girl because it all you..!

  3. Imo says:

    AMAZING! youre hair looks fab! I got my hair colored on thurs and I LOVE it! cant wait to see your colour =D

  4. Aw, your hair looks super cute!!! One of good friends got me into weaves, && I become super addicted to "my" Kim Kardashian hair, I have been wearing them since this Jan, effin' love them. I am in need of a hair cut, super badly but I can't seem to kick my weave habit. I want hair cut kinda like yours, but alil' longer, && even on both sides, kinda like bob, but I am gonna miss my Kim K hair…You look great.


  5. Henessy says:

    Thank you guys x

    @Emerald I have 2 stylists but I got this hair cut at Hype Coiffure.

  6. Annette says:

    As you know already Hen.. Im loving your cut.. So supa dupa cute… You gave me joke while describing your hair in your first

    But totally looks like Frankie's.

    Cant wait to see what colour you choose!! I'm sure it will suit you perfect! 😀

  7. **OnYxStA** says:

    OMG!! You have GOT to be kidding me?!?

    I am OBSESSED with Frankie's hair too! I'm too scared to do it with my natural hair as its not as volumous as yours and I'm scared it wont grow back but it looks FAB on you hunny x

  8. Hey – love your cut. Where did you get it done?

  9. Henessy says:

    @Chichi – I get my hair cut at Hype Coiffure.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi came across your blog while searching the net for good hair stylists. I love your hair cut…which Hype coiffure do you go to and who cuts it if you dont mind me asking

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