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I previoulsy mentioned in one of my posts that I have been using the Maybelline Liner Express liquid eyeliner for years and would recommend it to anyone who loves liquid eyeliners. I’m not sure whether it is just me and my sensitive skin but everytime I use any other high street brand of liquid eyeliner my eyelids always sting, so after testing different high street brands a while ago I realised that the Maybelline Liner Express was the best for my sensitive eyes and for its precision.
I have become so used to wearing liquid eyeliner as part of my daily routine that I actually feel naked if I dont have it on. So when my Maybelline eyeliner finished whilst on holiday I actually was not a happy person for a few days (for some weird reason they dont sell this particular eyeliner in America).  I even tried to use my sisters Rimmel Glam Eyes liquid eyeliner but that just ended up stinging my eyelids so I knew I had to go to MAC for their Fluidline Eyeliner, which I first set eyes on when a make up artist I was assisting used it. MACs Fluidline eyeliner is different to other liquid eyeliners as it is of a gel consistency and comes in a small pot.
Maybelline Liner Express
MAC Fluidline & MAC 266 Brush
 Maybelline Liner Express
 MAC Fluidline
I have been using the MAC Fluidline very regularly since buying it in October and I can defiately say its great & it doesnt budge once on either. I also use it for a simple daytime look as well as for evenings which I dont usually do with Maybelline eyeliner. However, I still find the Maybelline eyeliner best for everyday wear as I can put it on in a matter of seconds in comparison to MACs Fluidline.


3 Responses

  1. Supastarrr says:

    have you tried Maybelline's Line Stiletto?
    that's what I use now.
    I figure Fluidline is, like you say, good for everyday && an on the go routine.

  2. I wish I could rock liquid liners… always look like I've been attacked by an army of 4 yr olds and their crayolas!

  3. Henessy says:

    @Supastarr: I havent tried it bt seeing as its frm Maybelline I will defo give it a try.

    @Lipglossing: LOL Im sure with practice you'll get it right…it took me a while to master bt I can do it easily now

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