Mulberry Bayswater in Foxglove Pink

This post is very overdue but in November I attended the Mulberry Sample sale at the Music Rooms near Bond Street. Considering I had a Mulberry Bayswater on my birthday wishlist in October I knew exactly what I wanted before I got there. Prior to this I had never been to a sample sale before and did not know what to expect but I decided to get to the venue about an hour early which meant I was very close to the front of the queue. Let me tell you before the doors opened the queue had reached lengths I had never seen before and I was glad to have gotten there early. After looking at what was on offer in the sample sale I ended up choosing the following three colours in the Bayswater to choose from (pictured below).
After spending a long time trying to decide what colour to buy I chose the bronze colour only to be then  told that the bronze colour wears off quite quickly. As I knew I would probably use my bag quite often I decided against the bronze and chose the fuchsia colour (Foxglove Pink) instead. (Considering that the colour Bayswater I had on my birthday wishlist was a bright red/orange colour I should have went with the fuchsia first). I also bought the passport cover in the same colour and finish as my bag. 
Mulberry Bayswater Foxglove Pink –  Croc Nappa Leather | Mulberry Passport Cover Foxglove – Croc Nappa Leather
The inside of the bag is very lush as it has a suede finish to it which feels very nice and it is also a fuchsia colour. I was really excited after buying my Mulberry bag mainly because I had been wanting to get one for over a year but luckily at 30% off the original retail price.
Oh btw I was slightly naughty last week and I ended up buying another Mulberry bag….I will put up a post when I take pics of it. 


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  1. That bag is amazing! Where is this sample sale of which u speak?????!!!!

  2. Marilou says:

    You are on a Mulberry ROLL!!! Love it!!

  3. sharon p says:

    Oh my that fuschia one is to die for gr8 buy hun love it!

  4. Wengie says:

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  5. Anonymous says:

    This bag is incredible! Have you used it a lot? Do you know how much this would be full price?


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