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Over the weekend I purchased 3 nail polishes from the Models Own website after seeing a colour I had to have on my sister’s friend earlier in the week. The colour’s I purchased were Top Torquoise, Pink Blush and Peach Sherbert which was the colour I really wanted. The nail polishes are £5 each but £12 for three which is why I ended up getting three instead of one.

After placing my order I quickly realised that I had chosen the wrong colour for the nail colour I really wanted and went into a state of panic. I sent an email to every email address I could find but as it was the weekend I got no reply but as soon as I tweeted Models Own on Monday I got a reply straight away. They sorted out my mistake in colour choice and were very friendly too, I definately have to say thanks for that as the service was very prompt and I even got my goodies the next day which I did not expect.

(l-r) Peach Sherbert, Pink Blush, Top Torquoise
With Flash
Without Flash
Im currently wearing the Peach Sherbert colour but I got it done at the nail salon and i’m not happy with the way they did it so I will post a pic of me wearing the polishes later when I re-do them myself.


2 Responses

  1. Amandita says:

    oh the colors are super cute specially the yellow and the mint green =)

  2. Jojoluv says:

    Nice colors…..I like take care of my nails….

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