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On Monday I was invited to the launch of a new makeup brand called Makeup Revolution. Makeup Revolution is an affordable high street brand which claims to ‘transform the high street with the introduction of the hottest and most desirable makeup trends at every day, affordable prices’. The prices range from £1 – £12 which…

The makeup range is very extensive and includes a few impressive products within the range.

The One Foundation £4 (pictured on the left) / Matte Perfection foundation £2 (pictured in the middle)

Makeup Revolution states that The One Foundation is an ‘innovative complexion perfector technology that adapts to the intrinsic tone and texture of the skin to give an instant flawless finish’. The One Foundation comes in 16 shades and I must say I picked up on about 4 shades which were for us brown/darker skin tone ladies (shades 13,14,15 &16). In the below picture I have shade number 14 on the back of my hand which is a good match for my MAC NC50 skin tone. The colour range seems to be an adaptable one which adjusts to different complexions, in the sense that one shade can be worn on many variants of a skin tone once belended into the skin. My friend who has a darker skin tone me tried on the shade 16 which is the darkest shade, it was quite scary when it came out of the bottle as it looked black in colour but once blended into the skin it matched her MAC NW50 skin tone.
On first inspection of the foundation I will say that The One Foundation seems to be a good quality product. It felt very smooth and silky when I rubbed into into the back of my hand (pictured below), it also felt very light on my hand but you could instantly see the difference to my complexion on my hand. My instant thought was to compare it to MAC’s Face & Body foundation or a tinted moisturiser because of the consistency. However, I was informed at the launch that the One Foundation has similar technology and is comparable to Georgio Amarni’s Maestro Fusion Makeup foundation, but because I have never tried it I cannot compare the two. For the price of £4 I really can’t fault this foundation, firstly it is incredibly affordable and unlike most high street brands there are a few shades catered for darker skin tones.
Baked Blusher £2 / Baked Bronzer £4 / Liquid Vivid Blush £3 / Highlighter £3
Eye shadow palettes £4
Awesome Metal Eye Foils £5
Eye Dust £1 / Eye Shadow £1
Amazing Lengths Mascara £1.50 / Amazing Curl Mascara £2 / Kajal £2
Amazing Lipstick collection / Amazing Lip Gloss Collection / Amazing Sheer Gloss Tubes 
All £1 each
These 4 lipstick colours were my favourite, I was unfortunately not able to get the shade names because they were on the lids that were not around. However, I do know that 3 of the lipsticks pictured are from the limited edition Vamp lipstick collection. When I swtached the above lipsticks I was surprised at the pigmentation of them especially considering they are priced at £1 each. These are definitely a steal, and I will be purchasing the above colours. 
Nail Polish £1 each / Glitter Nail Polish £1.50 each 
After going through the whole collection from Makeup Revolution I took a liking to the £1 lipsticks and The One Foundation priced at £4. The brand has a large colour range suitable for all personalities from nudes to shimmers to the bright neons. If I was to compare this brand to another high street brand it would be MUA but with a slightly better quality / pigmented products. I do believe that the brand still needs some work however, this is a good start from a new high street brand.  I was told at the launch that the Makeup Revolution is targeted at everyone but I personally feel that the customer base for this brand will mainly be teenagers because of it’s affordability and the bright / exciting colours.
All the above pictured products and more are now available from and Superdrug.


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  1. Natalie Kay says:

    I've just learnt about this brand and I'm obsessed, lol! Really want to test drive their products, especially that foundation!

  2. Oh I'm excited to try thing from this brand, looks affordable and with a nice variety of products xo

  3. sharon p says:

    Sounds like a good brand! Love that they hav variety of shades

  4. Finally, we have another drugstore makeup brand that caters to women of colour! The foundation looks promising! Please do a full review on the foundation!!

  5. Can you do a full review on the foundation please? Thanks in advance!

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