MAC/Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Lipstick

As most of you are aware now Nicki Minaj teamed up with MAC to create a Limited Edition lipstick called Pink Friday which was named after her debut album Pink Friday. It is only being sold for the next 3 weeks and only on Friday’s until 17th December. I managed to place an order last week Friday at 7am before leaving my house in the morning *cheeky grin* and it arrived today.

Pink Friday is described as ‘a bright, creamy pink satin formula’ and is priced at £12.50.

The first thing I am going to say is that I am very disappointed with the colour and I don’t think it was actually made for females with brown to dark skin. As my complexion is not too far from Nicki’s but it looks terrible on me however I have seen it on lighter skin tones and it looks alright on. Pink Friday also looks very chalky on and does not look flattering in photos, I will not be wearing this colour anytime soon.

Looking at the colour online it resembled MACs Pink Nouveau but it was a little bit lighter when swatched as you can see from the image below:


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  1. patukiii says:

    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! I'll see if I'm lucky….and get one!!

  2. Marilou says:

    YAY review time 🙂
    I like the colour in the colour but you're right this is so NOT made to suit darker skins, it looks a bit tacky indeed….how come it looks great on nicki minaj . weird! And the consistance looks so chalky. Ohmy!!!
    Have you ever tried berry lips? That might looks stunning on you

  3. I don't think it will look good on me either and I'm a medium skintone, but I think I'll order it anyway just to try it and because it's a LE. 😀

  4. Henessy says:

    @LipGlossGossip I got it because it was a Limited Edition too but I just wish it looked nice on. I think it won't be that bad on you, you never know till you try unfortunately.

    @Marilou I havent tried Berry Lips, is that by MAC?

  5. Marilou says:

    Yes it is by Mac and isn't berry a colour? Oh man, my english sucks haha. By berry I meant, dark lipstick. My friend who has kind of a similar skin colour of you wears the lipstick Media by Mac when she goes out and I think it looks so gorgeous! You should definitely give it a try 🙂

  6. Marilou says:
    here's a swatch. I think I'm too fair to wear that colour it makes me look like cruella de vil . (oversharing sorry) haha

  7. Henessy says:

    @Marilou LOL at the oversharing comment. The swatches look quite nice for that colour and i've been trying to find a good dark colour. I will have to try it next time I am at MAC thank you x

  8. Annette says:

    On the lippie.. i aint impressed and i'm not feeling how it looks on. I would most defo thought it would suit you Hen… But its really poor… I guess it wasn't meant for anyone but Nicki Minaj.. :-/

  9. jadore says:

    I think it is a very hard color to pull off, it would look horrible on me! I think it looks nice on you though.

  10. Kristen says:

    I think it looks good! You may need a slightly darker lip liner tho… I kno! Thats sooo 90's but it just might do the trick!

  11. **OnYxStA** says:

    Its Pink Friday Hoe 🙂

    Love the colour…gonna purchase it as I'm looking for a new frosty pink to replace my Avon one <3

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