MAC Up the Amp Lipstick

Hi guys, I know I haven’t blogged in a while due to being busy and being sick for a few weeks too (not fun at all). If I’m being honest I actually took this pic a few days before Christmas, so its not new *sorry* but I have been wearing this lipstick regularly since I rekindled my love for Up the Amp back in December. This is the only decent(ish) pic I have of me wearing it.

MAC Lipstick – Up the Amp
MAC Lipgelee – Moistly
I’m not really one to bang on about current trends and ish that much but Up the Amp always reminds me of a Spring/Summer colour, so it’s only fitting that on the first day of Spring I put up this pic 🙂 I cant wait to wear this lipstick a lot more when the sun comes out properly this summer (that’s if we get a summer!). I actually don’t know why I didn’t like this lipstick when I bought it 2 years ago. I have such a bad habit of buying things especially make up and letting them gather dust until I accidentally stumble on them like I did with this lipstick.


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  1. Promise says:

    The lipstick looks do pretty on you, your lips are luscious :p…x

  2. Annette says:

    Old or new pic.. Your looking flawless doll!! With the intense in the eyes and luscious lips.. Love that lip shade on ya!!
    Hot Happenings!

  3. Sia says:

    I love that colour on you. I hope you feel better soon. XOXO

  4. Your skin looks amazingly flawless! love the lippie! x

  5. Sharon says:

    Gorgeous! One of my fave Mac lippies

  6. Ane says:

    I love how this looks looks on you! I've never worm mine out I thinks it's looks too purple and not a nice one either, I'll ned to pair it with a pink gloss! x

  7. sabina says:

    just to let u no,i have restarted my blog.sabina xxx

  8. Halima says:

    You actually really suit the lipstick! You look bloomin' stunning! xo

  9. i really like it on you! cute hat

  10. Obsessed with this color!

  11. Chatter Box says:

    Love the colour and it really suits you

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