MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15

Whilst away on my 5 week holiday to California I made one of many visits to the MAC counter where I ended up purchasing the Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 – Deep Dark. This is because I dont like wearing foundation on a daily basis and because I dont think my skins needs it either. Two months later…and I can definately say this has become one of my favourite products, mainly because it is sooo light on my skin and slightly tinted which helps to even out my skin tone without feeling or looking like a foundation whilst moisturising my skin at the same time.

I would definately reccommend this product to anyone who dislikes wearing foundations but want to add a little something extra to their make up routine. However, please note this product only comes in five shades: Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark and Deep Dark – which does not accomodate the darker skin tones out there as I use the darkest shade (Deep Dark)


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  1. Kade' Boteh says:

    Hmm…I want to try this, but I wonder if the deep dark will be dark enough for me. It's difficult to find a quality tinted moisturizer for dark skin, I usually end up mixing my own!

  2. Henessy says:

    When I did my aunts makeup I mixed a little bit of her foundation with the Tinted Moisturiser for her dark skin.

    I definately agree that there aren't any good TM's out there for dark skin…You should try the deep dark at MAC, you might only need to mix a very little bit of ur foundation with it as your complexion is not that dark.

  3. I lovee MAC, but sucks that this doesn't have a variety of shades. I would love to try this

  4. Henessy says:

    I enquired today at MAC about not having Tinted Moisturisers for darker skins and I was told the best alternative they have would be their Face & Body Foundation as it is also very sheer, lightweight and suitable for people with few blemishes. I personally have not tried it yet but I will do so soon

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