MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick – Impressive

A couple weeks back I took a trip to Mac to treat myself to a new lippie and I ended up picking up a Sheen Supreme lipstick which until then I didn’t even know they existed. I was drawn to the Sheen Supreme lipsticks mainly because of the gloss feature to them similar to a lip gloss, I would say they are very similar to the Lustre finish lipsticks by Mac but with more gloss/sheen to it.
After playing about with shades I chose Impressive which Mac describe as a neutral gilded plum. On first inspection Impressive looks darker than it actually is and when swatched you can immediately see the sheerness to the lipstick due to the sheen.
Without Flash                                                                With Flash

I really love how Impressive looks on me and I have been wearing it everyday for over 2 weeks now without fail. I am especially in love with the glossiness to this lipstick and the fact that it shows up a neutral pinkish shade on me which makes it easier for everyday wear. I am actually really surprised as to why the Sheen Supreme lipsticks were never under my radar before considering how often I am in Mac.

My only problem with the lipstick is that I feel that it can be quite drying to the lips as I find that I keep re-applying it as if it were a gloss to keep my lips moisturised. I would recommend wearing a moisturising balm on the lips before wearing the Sheen Supreme lipsticks.


14 Responses

  1. Georgia says:

    Ooh love the colour- looks lovely on you! xxx

  2. Jeneille says:

    I love the sheen supremes. They may very well be my favorite MAC lippie formula

  3. Sabrina says:

    That color looks amazing on you. I want it!!

  4. You have beautiful eyes !! tell me where can I get your necklace,nice !

  5. Promise says:

    Fine, fine girl… aah those luscious lips…x

  6. this is lovely, love the necklace btw!

  7. Imo says:

    This looks gorgeous on you. Ample pink would look lovely on top of this, itll also make sure the lips stay glossy

  8. Sundari ♡ says:

    think your lips are amazing 😉 but yehh the lippy looks lush on you! xxx

  9. Annette says:

    Love this pic Henny!! You are glowing!! And the lippy suits you plenty plenty!!
    Hot Happenings!

  10. Andree Marie says:

    your hair, your makeup…LOOKS HOT!

  11. Olivia D says:

    Its a gorgeous shade, I love it.

  12. Ioana-Carmen says:

    Hey sweetie! Hope you`ll visit my blog and maybe…we can follow each other?:X

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