MAC All Fired Up Lipstick

MAC All Fired Up Lipstick – £15 
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I bought MAC’s All Fired Up lipstick back in October as a Duty Free purchase on my way to Italy, but after getting back from my holiday I dumped it somewhere in my room with all my other holiday makeup purchases and I forgot about it until recently. All Fired Up was released back in September last year as part of an update to MAC’s retro matte collection. The consistency of the lipsticks in the new retro matte collection are matte but I feel that they have slightly been updated compared to the old version to be a little more less drying than before. The lipsticks are still very much matte but when worn on exfoliated lips that have been prepped with a lip balm before hand I find they don’t dry out my lips as much. 

All Fired Up is described by MAC as a “bright fuchsia matte”. This shade is deeper than most bright fuchsia lipsticks I own and I feel it has a slight red tone to it.  It is also a warm toned shade which I feel works well with my skin tone. Most of the time I find bright pink/fuchsia lipsticks are usually cool toned with blue undertones which sometimes can be a hit or miss with my skin tone. I think this shade will definitely work well on darker skin tones compared to other bright fuchsia/pink lipsticks from MAC such as Candy Yum-Yum which I feel do not compliment some darker skin tones.

I wore All Fired Up in the above picture without a lip liner with two layers and as you can see the pigmentation of the lipstick is very good. I found that the lipstick lasted a long working day and I only needed to reapply it once during the day after eating lunch. 


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  1. Annette says:

    That colour looks insanely beautiful!! A must. And it just happens that I'm travelling this weekend!! Nothing like duty free discount. Thanks for sharing hun!! xx

  2. I wanted to see this on a skin tone similar to mine for the longest with a similar natural lip color to mine too. Now I finally wanna purchase it

  3. Abigail says:

    The colour compliments your skin really well xo


  4. sharon p says:

    U look gorgeous , love e lippy! Suits u

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