Last Minute Christmas Shopping

True to fashion I ended up doing my Christmas shopping lastminute again!!! Maybe it’s just me but Christmas really doesn’t excite me as it used to, so I always end up doing anything Christmas related at the very lastminute possible. Side bar: Even though I do my shopping late…I always put alot thought and research into the gifts I get lol.

This year my sister and I tried to step out of the box and get my mum something different to perfume but after 2 shopping trips with my younger sister we realised that she is very fussy and probably wont use anything we get her thats different from the norm….. so long story short we both ended up getting her perfume, might I add she also has a wierd taste when it comes to fragrances so that in itself was another task we had to overcome. Going into every department store on Oxford Street smelling nearly every fragrance available was not an easy task especially considering the fragances I think are “smelly” will be the ones she will love & vice versa. So after much contemplation we got her some stuff from Elizabeth Arden which would usually not be my first choice but hey! its not for me.

After we got my mums present everyone else’s fell into place and I can now say I am finally done with my christmas shopping and from now on all purchases will be for ME!!! Thank God!! As it hurts to buy friends & family presents that I want to keep for myself.


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