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Last week I bought Illamasqua’s Powder Blusher Duo 3, the Blush Up Brush and Eurydice Lipstick, two of which are from their new I’mPerfection collection which is aimed at women celebrating our ‘imperfections’ and highlighting it through the use of make up. 
I was immediately drawn to their new blush brush and it’s unique shape and thought it would be a great to use with their new blusher duo to contour and highlight. The blusher duo 3 consists of two colours: Beg & Bronzerella. Beg is described as a ‘dusky rose’ colour and Bronzerella is a ‘Copper Bronze’. I haven’t attempted to use the blusher brush yet but my first impression with regards to the quality and the texture of the brush is good. The texture is very soft just like any other Illamasqua brushes. 
I have also been on the hunt for the perfect bright pink matte lipstick and after searching online I opted for Eurydice by Illamasqua. Don’t be fooled by the above picture Eurydice is a very bright fuchsia pink which isn’t for the faint hearted. I have only worn it once since buying it and I must say it was the focal point of my make up. Once I get a good quality picture of it on I will put it up with my thoughts.


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  1. Tanisa D says:

    I want that brush! :O

  2. Epiphannie says:

    I can't decide whether or not to get that brush just because it looks too much like the MAC 163 brush that came out a while ago. I know that was a contour brush but I just don't think there will be a huge difference between the two.

    I'll leave the link below so you know what I'm on about x

    Epiphannie A | MAC 163 Contour Brush Review

    • Henessy says:

      I dont have it so I cant compare but it looks very similar to the MAC 163 brush. I do love the Illamasqua one as it is so soft but tbh it looks like the MAC one.

  3. sharon p says:

    Great buys hun, love ur picks can't wait to see a look w e lipstick

  4. La says:

    This is so pretty! I want the duo now… Too bad I'm on a 'no buy' until the end of March… I have Eurydice and it's the perfect pink! Thanks for sharing your awesome finds!

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