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Isla Saona (Saona Island), Dominican Republic
Last month I went on holiday for 10 days to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and I must say it was an amazing holiday. We stayed at an all inclusive hotel called Now Larimar and I must say the staff there made our stay even more special, their attention to detail was just amazing. We chose the Preferred option which meant that as soon as we got to the hotel to check in we were taken to the lovely preferred lounge away from the normal check in desks and was greeted with champagne glasses and a “butler”. We had a sea view room with a jacuzzi on our balcony, free wifi throughout the hotel which wasn’t just limited to the lobby, special lounges with top shelf alcohol served at the bar, a quieter pool area for preferred guests and a designated area on the beach for breakfast and lunch. In addition to the normal breakfast, lunch and dinner hall the hotel had 5 specialist restaurants such as Japanese (the best of them all), Italian (also really good), French, American and Mexican. If you ever happen to stay at this hotel I definitely recommend paying the little bit extra for the preferred stay it well worth it and to be honest we didn’t even pay that much extra at the time of booking for the preferred option.
Despite how great our hotel was we did manage to leave the premises to explore the Dominican Republic on a few excursions. I am one of those people who cannot spend my whole holiday by the pool or beach, I get bored of it after a few days and I always want to explore. My favourite excursion was the Outback Safarai where we visited local areas on a safari jeep such as a family run coffee and chocolate farm where we got to sample their amazing produce. Saona Island was another top excursion we went on, it is an island away from the mainland which feels like paradise as we pulled up to it on our speedboat. We drank lots of rum and coke (Cuba Libre) on the island and had an amazing local lunch which included freshly caught lobster. After a few hours on the island we then headed back to the mainland on a catamaran dancing the sun away and once again with copious amounts of Rum and coke. We also made a 2 hour coach trip to the capiatal city Santo Domingo to learn about it’s history and Christopher Columbus who found the island on his many voyages, I did enjoy the trip but it was so hot and dry and we were walking around the city for hours I literally clocked off and didn’t hear much of what our tour guide was saying. I just don’t do well in heat!
Anyway I think I have said enough I will let the pictures do the talking now. Please click the link

View from our balcony

1. Pool view | 2. Giant Chess | 3. Outback Safari Jeep | 4. View from mountain on Safari stop 

5. Macao Beach after our Safari | 6. View of Saona Island from our boat | 7. Boat life | 8. Seafood Lunch
9. Parasailing | 10. Fruit plate for breakfast (everyday) | 11. Breakfast | 12. Pool view
13. Sunbathing | 14. Presidente Beer | 15. All U Can Eat Lobster beach party | 16. Romantic beach dinner on our last night

Outfit 1: Kaftan (Dashiki) – Bought from a market in Tanzania | Sunglasses – H&M
Outfit 2: Swimsuit – Freya bought from ASOS | Shorts – Levi DIY |  Hat – H&M |  Mirrored Sunglasses – H&M

Outfit 3: Playsuit – Primark |  Neckalce – Zara |  Bag – Zara |  Sandals – Primark
Outfit 4: Jumpsuit – Mango |  Necklace – Zara
Outfit 5: Off shoulder top – Topshop |  Denim Shorts – Primark | Bag – Zara |   Sandals – Zara |  Necklace – Forever21
Outfit 6: Maxi Dress – River Island | Bag – Primark
Day and Night outfit 
Day outfit: Dress – ASOS |  Bag – bought in market in Tanzania |  Sunglasses – ASOS |  ‘Birkenstocks’ – Topshop
Night outfit: Dress – ASOS | Necklace – Zara |  Bag – Zara |  Sandals – Primark

I’ve never done a day and night outfit before but I made it my mission to pack minimal things and only staple items that can be worn with various outfits to ensure I didn’t exceed my luggage allowance which I always do. I was so happy when I got to the airport and was 2kg under my allowance, result! On holiday I decided to try a day and night outfit with a boob tube dress as I was running out of options due to my minimal packing. I wore the above outfits on different days but once during the day and another day in the evening.


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  1. Amazing outfits! Stunning lady and location. The food looks good and your adventure sounds like so much fun. Bet you have the most magical memories xx

  2. Natalie Kay says:

    This is just like my dreams! Lol! The beach, food and yourself all look divine! Hopefully I can find myself in the Dominican Republic at some point in my life, it looks like a must to visit!

  3. Chi-Chi says:

    I went to Dom Rep 3 years back…stayed at Blue Bay in Puerto Plata (north/Atlantic side of Dom Rep). the sun, sea, sand….and men, were fine!!!

    Your pics look amazing; I hope to re-visit Dom rep in the near future….will deffo visit Punta Cana if I can!

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