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I got back last week from a great holiday to the Costa Del Sol in Spain, Marbella to be exact and I really loved it there, the weather, food & beaches were just bliss. I will put up some pics in a separate blog post soon but here are the few things I picked up on my travels.

Marc Jacobs – Lola
100ml £50 – Duty Free
I finally bought a bottle of Lola which has been on my wish list for months. I intended to buy it from Boots with my advantage points but it was a bargain from duty free at Gatwick airport.
Pure Moroccan Argan Oil
Apprx 30ml for 5 euros each

I have been hearing so much about argan oil recently that while on a day trip to Morocco I made a point to make sure I came back with some. I bought 6 bottles of it but after giving a few away as gifts I now have 2 and I am already wishing I bought more.

Leather Saddle Bag
15 euros
I bought in the market in Morocco and after bargaining with the seller I managed to get it for half the price he initially told me but i’m sure I could have got it cheaper if I wasn’t in such a rush.

As you can see I kept my shopping to a minimum which was mainly due to the fact I bought so much holiday items before I went away.


7 Responses

  1. Sher says:

    great buys hun,hope u had a great vacation! I love Lola its so nice&feminine

  2. Rai says:

    Lola smells good!

  3. Annette says:

    Love your buys… Especially the bag!! oooo

    As for the Argan oil i saw it in one hair shop in Peckham. In little bottoms. I got me some Argan oil by Creme Of Nature – Intensive conditioning treatment..

  4. Henessy says:

    @Sher – It was a great thanks just what I needed.
    @Rai – Lola deffo a great smell *thums up*
    @Annette – I love that the oil is multi purpose.

  5. i love lola..its my everyday fragrance! good buy 🙂


    visit us?

  6. Sonya says:

    Love it!!

  7. Alexis says:

    Loving your blog, you're an expert with make up, I wish I was a veteran like you… Thanks for following my blog too. xx

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