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I am off on holiday tomorrow and after a few long and busy weeks I am glad to be having some time off to do absolutely nothing but relax. At the moment I have a slight dilemma on what colour to paint my nails for my holiday, I have narrowed it down to these four but I still cant make a decision…. 

(Without Flash) 
Essie – Haute As Hello
Barry M – Mint Green
Models Own – Pink Blush
Models Own – Fluro’ Orange
(With Flash)
The Essie Haute As Hello and Models Own Fluro’ Orange are standing out to me but I am still yet to decide.


8 Responses

  1. Miss Tapia says:

    Haute as Hello is a very pretty shade.

  2. Marilou says:

    Haute as hello is in my top 3 fav nail polish of all time 🙂 Such a pretty pink/coral shade x

  3. Marilou says:

    Oh I forgot, you should paint your nails with haute as hello obviously! and bring mint green for changing there 🙂 Have a great vacations xx

  4. i agree! i love the essie one!! it's gooorgeous! want to try essie out
    glad you got to finally relax! i can do that after 10th may 😀 yaaaayyy xxxxx

  5. Tass says:

    Definitely the Essie one x

  6. The Cat Hag says:

    Love your nail polish colors, the mint green looks awesome! 🙂

    The Cat Hag

  7. IAmsassychic says:

    Uuoooh the pink blush ? What did you go with in the end? Gotta go with the one that'll go with most of what you pack 😉 I ended up with red on hols pretty much went with my whole suitcase so don't need to waste time on hols changing colours.

  8. Henessy says:

    Thanks guys, I went with the Essie Haute as Hello colour in the end. It's defo a greta colour 🙂

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