Headmasters Party Pin-Up Masterclass

Last week Friday I attended an updo/party pin-up masterclass at Headmasters in Hanover Street, Mayfair. If you are looking to have gorgeous party hair this Christmas season then the party pin-up masterclass is for you even if you are a total hair novice, as your stylist will teach you how to create a simple yet gorgeous updo for the festive season.

My stylist was Johnathon who was very lovely and knew exactly what he was doing with my hair which made me comfortable as my hair is currently in a weave and I NEVER have it up as I always wear it down. As soon as I sat in the chair he began to play about with my hair trying to figure out a style to suit me and to work with my weave and after about 20 minutes my party pin-up was complete. Whilst creating my updo my stylist talked me through every step and also gave me great tips. My look was achieved by backcombing the top section for volume, twisting the hair, pinning and a little bit of hair spray for hold.

Take a look out my updo being created:

I was very pleased with the final look and I even kept it for my birthday dinner in the evening. I was given a little pink Denman dress-out brush which I will be using when I re-create this look on my own.
The Party Pin-Up Masterclass is available from 1st November at Headmasters nationwide and is £45 per 45 minute appointment.


6 Responses

  1. Marilou says:

    Looks gorgeous! I also love the way the hairdresser put your hair on a messy low ponytail.

  2. Annette says:

    Must say thou Hair looks gorgeous!! But for £45 bloody hell…

  3. Oreleona says:

    pretty!! Hennessy are u nigerian?

  4. Henessy says:

    Thanks guys x

    @Oreleona Yes I am from Nigeria

  5. **OnYxStA** says:

    Love the 2nd line…would love to have my hair in a long ponytail like that


    Now following…follow back xisses

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