Happy Birthday to Meeee!!

This is just a quick post to say that today marks a year since I wrote my first blog post yay!!! I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all my followers and to everyone that has read/reads my blog. Please feel free to contact me anytime whether it is via my blog, twitter or email I am always more than happy to hear from you guys xx

In addition to marking my blogs 1st birthday I have also noticed that I have 99 followers, thank you again. Just to let you guys know that once I reach 100 followers I will have a little giveaway for all my followers to show my appreciation so keep an eye out for that.

I am now off to eat my imaginary birthday cake, yummy!!!…..


11 Responses

  1. Marilou says:

    may all your make up wishes come true haha

  2. FauxChic says:

    Congratulations, Love your blog BTW!

  3. Temta Inc says:

    What ^Marilou^ said. Congrats!!

  4. Congratulations..! love the Blog doing a great job..!

  5. Shardeya says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Really proud of you.. Looking forward to more great posts…Xxxx
    p.s.I'm on my way round for cake.

  6. Henessy says:

    Thank you so much guys xx

  7. bhumika says:

    n I am ur 100 th follower..yay !!
    super nice..
    congrats gal..
    nice blog..
    n i too like VS body mists…
    do check out my blog..

  8. Andree Marie says:

    Happy Anniversary babe! woop woop!Lets see where next year will bring xx

  9. Henessy says:

    @bhumika Thank you for being my 100th follower x

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