Garra Rufa Fish Pedicure

A while ago Goupon had a half price deal for a fish pedicure with Zoola Fish at Camden Lock Village London. The pedicure usually costs £18 for 30mins but I got it for £9 and decided to get one for a friend too. I must admit I was very sceptical about buying this voucher as I don’t like insects, animals etc and the thought of a fish nibbling at my feet was not very tempting either. However, a few other friends bought the vouchers too and we all decided to go together for support.

Zoola say: ‘We use hundreds of toothless Garra Rufa fish that gently suck and nibble away dead skin whilst creating a light and relaxing massage’.

Being the big chicken that I am I it took a while before I could put both feet in the water without screaming and removing them immeadiately. I found the experience to be very unbearable as I am ticklish on my feet and could not withstand the fishes nibbling at my feet or the thought of them doing so. I think in total I had my feet in the water for about 5 minutes out of my 30 min session. Due to this I was unable to tell if the fish pedicure actually works as Zoola claim *sad face*.

(apologies in advance for putting this image up of my feet)


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  1. Annette says:

    I read about this treatment in a magazine and watched it on telly.. But with bigger fish…Them ones you have been faced with look well tiny (Surely it couldn't be that Bad) . Can you imagine if it was Big fish thou… That would be a kiler.. As i dont know how i would even dream putting my feet while big fish yam up me feet…

    Wowza so you didnt even go the whole way… 5 mins out of 30…Well atleast you experience it..

    May have to try it out for myself at £18 is a good deal.. But hey £9 is even better!!

  2. Andree Marie says:

    I loved this, my feet felt much smoother after the treatment xx

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