China Glaze – Aquadelic

I recently bought this polish after seeing it in an Instagram picture a while ago and I automatcially went online to buy it. I am such a big fan of turquoise shades on my nails and I couldn’t wait to try it out on my nails when it came. I would describe Aquadelic as a pasteley/bright turquoise colour more on the greenish side (I am not even sure if that makes any sense lol).
I have had this colour on my nails for 2 days and its already chipped, which partly due to having such a crap top coat and me applying the coats a little too thick. 
I really need to find a good quick drying top coat that doesn’t chip my polish so easily, i’ve tried so many brands including Seche Vite, Nubar, Mavala and they all seem to work for a while but it never lasts.
I really love this shade on my nails and the fact that it also goes well with my Macbook cover (which I’m still learning how to use as I am a complete novice when it comes to Apple laptops).  


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  1. This is a gorgeous shade! xxx

  2. Ayeisha says:

    This is such a gorgeous shade!
    I noticed that you have the Zara plaited shopper tote, I'm thinking of buying one but have heard that the leather can get ruined in the rain. Have you had any problems with your bag in the rain?


  3. Ane says:

    this is such a pretty shade, where did you get you china glaze from? I think there is a uk site that sells it but I lost the link -__- xx

  4. yummy411 says:

    gorg! i have this and haven't worn it yet. you are inspiring me to do so soon!

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