Beauty Icon: Iman

I have decided to do a series of posts sharing with you guys my Beauty Icons.
For the 1st installment of my Beauty Icons I have chosen Iman. Iman is a Somalian born supermodel who exudes beauty, in addition to being a supermodel she also created the make up range Iman Cosmetics for ethnic skin. Iman continues to looks amazing even at the age of 55.

(Images taken from here)


4 Responses

  1. I just got her book yesterday from the library..!

  2. Andree Marie says:

    Oooh you are doing beauty Icons Lovely! xx

  3. Omg.. I think my first ever foundation and powder was by Iman!! And I still use the Iman powder brush.. I love it! xx

  4. Henessy says:

    I hate a great shimmering face powder from Iman, I loved it until it ran out 🙁

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