Month: December 2009

New Year’s Resolutions 2010

Source: Google As the year is slowly drawing to a close I thought i’d share with you guys my New Year’s Resolutions – barring a few personal things. I think the last time I actually took the time out to write one was in my early years at secondary school but being the person I…
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“You’re a Doll” Blog Award

Yesterday I recieved a “You’re a Doll” blog award from Chole at ♥Make-Up Princess♥, considering my blog is quite new I am very grateful of this award and hope that everyone who has taken time out to read my blog  enjoys it. Now I only discovered Chloe’s blog 2 days ago but I really like…
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Christmas Pressies

Despite the fact that I was not really in the Christmas spirit this year I must say I love the pressies I got. My sister got me a little package from Selfridges (a gift card) which I cant wait to use, my mum gave me some money and enrolled me on a professional make up…
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Nail Colour of the Week & Christmas Make Up

This week I decided to bring out my fav O.P.I colour – Got a Date To-Knight. Im not usually a fan of pink things but I do like pink lips & nails. This colour is not like any other pink polish I have as it has a sheer undertone to it which makes it very…
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Last Minute Christmas Shopping

True to fashion I ended up doing my Christmas shopping lastminute again!!! Maybe it’s just me but Christmas really doesn’t excite me as it used to, so I always end up doing anything Christmas related at the very lastminute possible. Side bar: Even though I do my shopping late…I always put alot thought and research…
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Inspiration: Rihanna – Hard

I really like the concept of Rihanna’s new video for Hard, especially the make up and outfits so here a few pics for those of you who may not have seen the video yet and because its also inspiration to me…           Maybe its just me being a geek but whenever…
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MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15

Whilst away on my 5 week holiday to California I made one of many visits to the MAC counter where I ended up purchasing the Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 – Deep Dark. This is because I dont like wearing foundation on a daily basis and because I dont think my skins needs it either.…
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Nail Colour of the week

My current nail colour for the week is: Sea? I Told You by O.P.I. This is the first time I have worn this colour but I am liking it already as the aqua colour has a nice shimmer to it and it was a bargain at $6 compared to £10 (bought whilst on holiday).

Stuff I bought last week

This Sunday I went up West to do a little bit of shopping with a friend and her lil cousin but true to fashion we got there so late that we only made it into a few stores before the shops started to close down whilst we were inside. Not naming any names but I cant…
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Aunty gets her make up done

So after I did my friend Marie’s make up last week her mother/my aunty (If your african you will understand lol) asked me to do her make up for her on saturday for an event she was going to. Now I must admitt I was excited to do this as the more practice I get…
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